See below some examples of the services available. 


Contextual advice on difficult and sensitive topics. Providing discrete guidance to manage reputational risk.

Audits, reviews and impact assessments

Root cause analysis of barriers to inclusion. Equality impact assessments for compliance with equality legislation.

Policy and guidance

Writing policies and guidance for employees and customers. B2B and B2C.

Employee engagement

Create diversity staff networks and analyse staff survey results.

Diversity data monitoring

Increase the percentage of diversity data you hold, compliant with GDPR.

Event management

Organising and delivering inclusive events.

Risk management

Maintaining good relationships with stakeholders and customers

Cultural competence

Advice on inclusive and diverse communications.

Advance your D&I strategy

​Develop your diversity and inclusion key performance indicators and measures.

Inclusive teams

Facilitate workshops to understand the barriers to inclusion and deliver intervention training.

Stakeholder engagement

​Create positive relationships with your diversity stakeholders (internal and external).

Leadership development

Senior leadership diversity and inclusion competency development.

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