There is a wealth of information online, many organisations working hard to raise awareness of the lived experiences of those that aren’t counted as part of the mainstream. It is important that we use the resources that they produce to support our diversity and inclusion work. Evidence forms the bedrock for diversity and inclusion business cases and generally just helps us understand difference better. 

Below are some key reports, websites and blogs that can inform you. 

  1. Human rights and how they interact with the current affairs of the UK can be followed in the very accessible website and newsletter from Equally yours. To understand the articles of the Human Rights Act and how they affect people in the UK go to the human rights campaign organisation Liberty.
  2. For global perspective on gender in the workplaceCatalyst produce research and reports about how to make the workplace, work for women. Covering topics such as sexual harassment, gender inclusive leadership and intersectionality in the workplace.
  3. The case for changing the gender bias in leadership in the workplace is given in the UK in the report and Mckinsey company provide data and reports across different industries and with a global perspective.
  4. The BITC Race in the workplace campaign provides a road map for improving the conversation about race in the workplace in the UK. The report to back this up is the McGregor Smith review, with case studies, data and a literature review.
  5. Best place for ethnicity stats in the UK is the Ethnicity stats and figures UK government website. The website also gives good best practice advice in monitoring race and ethnicity e.g. using the terminology ‘ethnic minority’ not BME/BAME.
  6. Intersectionality theory and practice; a research paper that explains the history and theory of intersectionality, by Delta Alpha PSI an organisation that specialises in the psychology of diversity, inclusion and discrimination. 
  7. Is Britain fairer? The Equality and Human Rights Commission produce this all-encompassing report with statistics on disproportionate outcomes on health, housing, education and life in general in the UK – across all diversity strands.
  8. Stonewall are an organisation that campaigns for LGBT equality in the UK. They are the best website for guidance and reports about the lesbian, gay and bisexual experience in the workplace and different sectors (e.g. schools, sports, health) in the UK on (note that before 2016 Stonewall did not represent trans people, therefore you can’t find a depth of information about the experience of trans people on their webpages).
  9. Best practice on disability in the workplace Business Disability Forum and for up to date facts and figures on disability in the UK, Scope are a good source for information.
  10. The Centre for aging better, has information about the different experiences, and considerations by age in health, housing, employment and communities. Even how to plan for aging in younger years.
  11. If you have more recommendations for useful or interesting sources of data and information about diverse groups, please suggest them below.

If you have more recommendations for useful or interesting sources of data and information about diverse groups, please suggest them below.

Aishnine Benjamin

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